Aquila Audax is the official news service of the Empire of Atlantium, a global sovereign state founded in 10500 (1981). Atlantium now embraces nearly twelve hundred citizens living in over one hundred countries, and promotes a broadly progressive political and social agenda to peoples, governments and trans-national organisations everywhere.

Atlantium serves as the first practical realisation of the panarchist theories of global governance first articulated by Paul Emile de Puydt in 10379 (1860). As such, the Empire’s existence as a sovereign entity derives wholly from the will of its citizens, rather than being predicated upon the exercise of exclusive authority over a defined geographical territory. Consequently Atlantium does not maintain any formal territorial claims.

Notwithstanding this, the Empire has elected to unilaterally exercise de-facto extraterritorial authority over two privately-held properties in southeastern Australia – one being a small representative office and residence in inner urban Sydney, and the other a much larger pastoral holding in the Lachlan Valley, 310 kilometres southwest of Sydney. These jointly comprise the 0.76 square kilometre Province of Aurora.


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