Atlantium: Part of an Australian Phenomenon

16 Decimus, 10528

A newly-published book by Australian author William Pitt is set to reintroduce Atlantium to readers interested in the long and fascinating history of micronations and similar unrecognised statelike entities in the Great Southern Land.  

The new book that's introducing Atlantium to readers everywhere.

The first half of An Australian Monarch focuses on the four decade-long history of the Hutt River Principality in all its colourful and sometimes excruciating complexity – as well as the personal story of its maverick founder – octogenarian farmer, bush lawyer and homespun royal Leonard George Casley – better known to the world as Prince Leonard.

In the second half, the author goes on to explore the concept of frontier-society individualism, its imputed relationship to numerous historical instances of regional secessionism in Australia, and its apparent contemporary manifestation in the form of a clutch of notable micronations – including Atlantium – whose individual histories, philosophical bases and contemporary operations are explored in some detail.

An Australian Monarch is to be formally launched by Prince Leonard on 4 February 2010, in Sydney. The event will take place in the Dixon Room of the State Library of New South Wales, commencing at 3pm. Atlantium will be represented by Emperor George II and his entourage.

Atlantian citizens and supporters are welcome to attend the event as part of the Emperor’s official party. To register, contact the Office of the Emperor. Telephone: +61 420 55 49 49 or email   

An Australian Monarch, by William Pitt, ISBN 978 1 876344672, is published by Copyright Publishing, Brisbane. Email:


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