Aurora Welcomes First Tourists

9 Decimus, 10528

Emperor George II this week hosted a two-day private visit to Atlantium’s Province of Aurora by Kieran Bennett and friend, of Wodonga, Victoria.

The visitors thus became the first to Aurora whose presence was officially designated as being for “private tourism purposes”.

Aurora visitor Kieran Bennett raises the flag of the micronation of Lavalon over Capital Hill.

The visit included a walking tour conducted by His Imperial Majesty, which took in all of the province’s major natural and modern man-made features, as well as several historical sites, including Capital Hill, Castle Hill, the Foundation Monument site, Constitution Hill, Lake Carla, the Via Concordia, the Old Taylors Flat Road cutting and the Battery Flat archaeological site.  

The visitors also enjoyed a day trip taking in the town of Cowra, with its unique joint Australian-Japanese War Cemetary, and nearby Wyangala Dam, the current condition of which serves as a powerful demonstration of the environmental impacts of climate change.

The dam was built between 10447 and 10490 (1928 and 1971 CE) to control the flow of the Lachlan River, near whose headwaters Aurora is situated. In recent years the Lachlan has effectively ceased to flow due to the effects of a prolonged decade-long drought affecting southeastern Australia, and the dam currently holds barely 5% of its intended capacity.  

Wyangala Dam is currently at barely 5% capacity.

The Wyangala visit was of particular interest to Mr Bennett, who is an active environmetalist, political progressive and former member of the Australian Greens party. In addition to standing unsuccessfully as a Greens candidate in the most recent Victorian municipal elections, he has worked as campaign manager for Greens candidates in several elections in both the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria.

He also maintains an active interest in the phenomenon of micronations and unrecognised statelike entities, and currently serves as an administrator of the List of Micronations Forum – the world’s leading online micronation discussion group.  The LOM Forum is owned and managed as a private concern by His Imperial Majesty – who is widely recognised as an international authority on the subject. 

Mr Bennett is the founder of his own micronation – the Republic of Lavalon – which currently exists as a largely theoretical exercise, strongly grounded in liberal, progressive, environmental and social justice concerns.

As a unique courtesy offered to Aurora’s first official tourists, the Emperor personally authorised the raising of the Lavalonian flag over Capital Hill by Mr Bennett on the second day of his stay. 

The visitors pronounced themselves impressed with Aurora’s natural beauty, and the abundance of its wildlife – as well as with the plans for the Province’s future environmentally-sensitive development as an eco-tourism destination that were outlined at length by their host.

At the conclusion of their stay the visitors expressed a desire to return for  further visits, and were issued an open invitation to do so.

The Empire of Atlantium’s Province of Aurora is located 310 kilometres southwest of Sydney, in the Southwest Slopes region of the Australian state of New South Wales.

Aurora welcomes one-day or short-stay visits by private individuals or travel groups.  All visits must be scheduled in advance through the Office of the Emperor. Email, or telephone +61 420 55 49 49 for further information.


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