Dawn Sky Rises Over Aurora

10 Quintus, 10528

In an historic realisation of decades-old plans, the Imperial State Vexillum of Atlantium was formally raised and flown over the Empire’s global capital for the first time today.

The Imperial State Vexillum flies proudly over Aurora

The Imperial State Vexillum flies proudly over Capital Hill, central Concordia, today

The Vexillum – known colloquially as the Dawn Sky Tricolour, is the Empire’s oldest and most revered symbol. It has served as Atlantium’s ‘national flag’ since its creation, and may be freely flown by any Citizen who wishes to do so.

It was created by Imperial Fiat on 19 Quartus, 10501 (8 May, 1982), but existed solely as a design concept until 10520 (2001) when the first fabric versions were produced; however, until today the flag had only been ceremonially displayed indoors at the Prefecture of Idalia and at several international exhibitions and conferences in Europe and the United States; it had never been flown from an outdoor flagpole.

As reported previously, construction of Atlantium’s Foundation Monument on Capital Hill in central Concordia commenced recently; the installation of the first of the monument’s three flagpoles was undertaken this week, and this  enabled today’s historic flag-raising to proceed.

The leading vexillological society of record in Australasia – the Flag Society of Australia Inc – has been notified, and president Ralph Bartlett has advised the Imperial Administration of his intention of reporting the matter in the Society’s journal in due course.  

Mr Bartlett initially reported on the flags of Atlantium as part of a paper he delivered to the XI International Congress of Vexillology in Madrid, Spain, in 10504 (1985). 

Readers wishing to purchase their own Imperial State Vexillum may visit Mr Flag – official vexillological supplier to the Empire of Atlantium.


One Response to Dawn Sky Rises Over Aurora

  1. cclpnews says:

    Congratulaion for this glorious moment To Emperor George II


    Sir Vikrant Singh

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