Brazil Senate Lauds Diplomat

23 Quartus, 10528

The Brazilian Senate today approved a congratulatory motion in honour of Atlantium’s most senior diplomat – and one of the most eminent members of the Imperial Administration – His Excellency Count Lamartine de Hollanda Jr.

His Excellency, Count Lamartine de Hollanda Jr

HE Count Lamartine de Hollanda Jr, head of Atlantium's Imperial Legation to Brazil.

The motion to honour Count de Hollanda for his lifetime achievement across the fields of medicine, academia, journalism, public relations and diplomacy (Vote of Congratulations Number 534 (2009)) was moved by Senator Mozarildo Cavalcanti, and passed unanimously.

The Vote of Congratulations also specifically recognises Count de Hollanda’s receipt of the 2008 Mahatma Gandhi Prize Against Torture and Discrimination, which he was awarded by the European Council Against Torture and Discrimination, in Monaco, in Secundus 10528 (February 2009). 

The Imperial Administration of Atlantium offers its enthusiastic congratulations to Count de Hollanda, and endorses the sentiments of both the Brazilian federal legislature, and ECATD in honouring him.


3 Responses to Brazil Senate Lauds Diplomat

  1. virachai says:

    I congratulate you with my high respect and most sincerity , my dear and esteem friend.

  2. cclpnews says:

    My heartiest congratulation for well deserving recognition to Ambassador Dr. Lamartine
    Sir Vikrant Singh

  3. Yuri Ghenov says:

    Congratulations Count Hollanda for your recognition! It is time for it.

    Fratajn brakumojn,

    Yuri Ghenov
    Legate to South America

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