Construction Underway at Concordia

12 Tertius, 10527

Earthmoving and construction works commenced today at Concordia, as decades-old plans for the development of Atlantium’s Caput Mundi, or Global Capital, are at last realised.

Construction underway at Aurora

Above: Excavations underway at Founders’ Square, Concordia

Moving quickly after its Primus (January) establishment of the Empire’s 0.76 square kilometre Province of Aurora, the Imperial Administration recently authorised today’s clearing and leveling of a several hundred square metre section of Capital Hill on the eastern edge of Founders’ Square. The site, which is adjacent to the Scott Building, is to serve as the location of a visitor information and accommodation centre, an ablutions block and an equipment storage facility.

Phase Two of the Imperial Capital Development Programme is expected to commence during 10528 (2009), and will involve construction of the Imperial Throne Hall and several commemorative monuments. 


4 Responses to Construction Underway at Concordia

  1. If you didn’t charge such outrageous fees I would gladly come and visit! Congratulations on the development of your long held plans.


    J. Mckerra

  2. aquilaaudax says:

    $120 for a full day tour, involving a 620km round-trip from Sydney, personally conducted by His Imperial Majesty, and including lunch, is and exceedingly reasonable charge.

    The fuel cost component alone comes in at $70-80.

    However, if you are happy to make your own way to Aurora, and bring your own food, you are welcome to do so free of charge.

    The only consideration would be timing your visit to coincide with a period when His Imperial Majesty or one of his associates is going to be in residence.

    Contact HIM directly to pursue this:

  3. However, if you are happy to make your own way to Aurora, and bring your own food, you are welcome to do so free of charge.

    Ah, that is much more agreeable. I hope one day I will make the journey!

  4. Ben Godfrey says:

    How much would that be in Imperial Solidi? 🙂

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